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  • Tuesday 09 February
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You may have trained your horse for peak performance but sometimes even the most competitive of horses needs some enhancement. You can't transform a plodder into a sprinter, but you can make the most of what you've got through a combination of training, nutrition, and racing equipment.

This February you have the chance to sign up using promo code ATRF21 and you’ll receive a horse shoe voucher, vitamin voucher and blinkers voucher for free!

Alumites (shoes) are considered indispensable in the virtual horse racing community. These lighter-than-air shoes can lift your horse above the competition. If traditional shoes are weighing your horse down, alumites will give them a leading edge in their races. Not all horses like wearing alumites but you'll never know until you try.  

If your horse gets distracted in a race you might want to try blinkers. Blinkers will keep your horse's gaze focused on the finish line. Virtual horse racing is not a team sport, so your horse only needs to focus on where the money is. A set of blinkers will last a lifetime.

Of the 100,000 genetically unique virtual horses available in the virtual horse racing community, each horse responds differently. A seasoned trainer can help you decide which products or procedures may work for your horse, but the general consensus is that if anything can improve your horse's chances of winning then you should go for it.

One product that always boosts performance without any side effects is vitamins. Vitamins aren't essential for the well-being of your horses, but they are a convenient booster for increasing fitness. A horse's fitness levels may fluctuate between races, but a quick shot of vitamins will ensure that your horse is always racing fit.  

In an ideal world, all horses would be created equally, and trainers wouldn't need to concern themselves with conditioning their horses to be more competitive than the rest - but, where would the fun be in that?  

Virtual horse racing is about strategy and skill. Do you think that you have what it takes to be the best trainer on ATRVirtualOwner.com? Sign up here using ATRF21 and you’ll receive your free vouchers.

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